Odyssey® Diode Laser

Abbotsford-based Midtown Dental is pleased to announce that we’ve added a leading-edge laser system to our practice. The Odyssey® Diode Laser is very patient-friendly. It provides you with comfortable, preventative, minimally invasive treatment options. It provides us with greater flexibility in administering them.

The term “laser” stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation – a device that produces and amplifies light. The Odyssey® Diode Laser’s wavelength has been precisely calibrated for soft-tissue applications.

The light can be focused into a tiny point to do very fine, exact work. It is so precise in dental surgery that there isn’t as much tissue swelling and there’s less need for sutures. It is gentle on soft gum tissue and can stop bleeding from even the tiniest blood vessel. The heat from the laser also has a sterilization effect. Many patients report a pleasant anesthetic effect, as the laser seems to desensitize the area being worked on.

We have many uses for our soft tissue laser. We remove diseased gum tissue to prevent gum disease, painlessly remove canker sores, and we can even help cold-sensitive teeth. The laser is also excellent for Cosmetic Dentistry such as recontouring a “too gummy” smile.

The leading-edge technology of the Odyssey® Diode Laser is just one more way that we’re making your visits more comfortable while increasing the level of care we provide.