Preventative dentistry deals with managing certain conditions and monitoring others that may become problems in the future. During your check-up we check for cavities but we also do a complete evaluation of your mouth, monitor your gums for signs of gum disease AND do an oral cancer screening. Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is a serious condition of the tissue that supports your teeth.

Prevention – Getting regular dental check-ups with xrays and preventive dental care, such as dental sealants, fillings and prophylaxis (“preventive”) or periodontal hygiene maintenance cleanings with regular periodontal pocket measurements and fluoride application, no matter what your age, can not only save your teeth but also save you money in the long run by helping you to maintain a healthy mouth.

And, now that numerous systemic (“throughout the body”) diseases, like diabetes and heart disease, have been shown to be correlated with poor oral/dental health, you could be, quite honestly, helping to prevent much more catastrophic illness in your life.

Oral Cancer Screening (similar to a regular skin check-up) – Any kind of cancer can have far reaching effects.  A thorough look around mouth including around and under the tongue, the palate, and the vestibules of the cheeks and lips, for suspicious looking tissue(s) is a very important part of your dental exam.  In the event that something suspicious is found, a gentle brush biopsy can be taken and sent to a laboratory for analysis.  Catching and treating cancer early is always the best strategy.

Periodontal Health – Your gum health will always be evaluated during a hygiene appointment. Gum disease is best treated when it is caught early, so we check your periodontal health carefully.